Ahad, Januari 31, 2010

it doesn't hurt, really....

.....if you queue up and wait for your turn. nobody died of standing in line. don't be afraid. if you cut the line, it won't make you magically be at your doorstep on the spot. you still have to drive or walk or whatever. so, you're a celebrity. and that doesn't grant you a ticket of express access, like when you need to pay for your parking ticket. stand in line. wait for your turn. don't worry, your status is not jeopardized by doing that.

so does when you're waiting in line at the toll plaza. yes, everybody has to queue. if you really need to cut the line, be polite. or at least, be reasonable. tolerate. you don't have to honk the other driver. really. he/she is not blind. he/she saw you. but the way you're pushing like you think you'll get home in a blink of the eyes if you cut the line, is really annoying. come on, you're in the car. with air-cond. and good songs coming out of your radio. relax, it's not that you have to stand on the road on your feet. be tolerance. it's not painful. it doesn't hurt, really.

and this reminds me of the government's plan not so long ago to stop using traffic lights at junctions. seeing the way malaysians treat each other on the road, wow, i can imagine there will be car crashes every minute. besides, they are not even capable of throwing any kind of rubbish in a proper way, and the government expect them to be tolerate? on the road??

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  1. saya pun ada kat situ...sbb opis kat situ...

  2. ye ke??

    p/s: salah parking komen la sedare..