Jumaat, Mac 05, 2010

the drowning human and the rescuer

a human is drowning. he cries frantically for help. somebody comes to rescue him. but he is reluctant to be saved. he's in the middle. his precious possessions are floating on the water. but his chance of living is on the land. the rescuer still tries to reach his hand, he wants the drowning human to survive. "take my hand!!" cries the rescuer. but the drowning human is so afraid that his precious possessions will be carried away by the waves, forgetting the fact that he can make new more precious possessions on the land. "take my hand!!!" the rescuer cries again, louder. the drowning human turns his head towards his floating possessions, reluctant to leave them there. he turns to the rescuer, the rescuer shakes his hand, asking the drowning human to grab it. " i want to live...." the drowning human says, helplessly. "that's why i'm here!! take my hand!! i won't let go!!" the rescuer replies. "but my possessions....my precious possessions.." the drowning human moans. "forget about them!! don't let them get in your way!! come on! take my hand!!" the rescuer keeps trying to save the drowning human. "your chance of living is only on the land!! think about it!!" the rescuer persuades the drowning human. deep in his heart, he knows that only the drowning human can help himself, all depends on his decision. all the rescuer can do now is to put all his effort to save the drowning man, and pray.

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