Sabtu, September 03, 2016


Hari ini
Aku mengenang
Yang telah pergi

Shuen Ling




Aku teringat dia

Dia yang hidup lagi

Tapi seakan telah mati.

Selasa, Jun 07, 2016


It feels like you're dead. 
And you're alone. In your grave.

The nurses and the doctors 
are like those two angels
Who ask what you've done 
and bring you bad news

Again and again.
Leaving you hoping and counting on the days
To the day you can finally leave.

You have people around you
Just like in the graveyard.
But you're alone. They're alone.
And they have visitors coming in and out.
Praying for them. Spending time with them.
And you're alone.

Your face lights up 
When you see someone familiar comes
Praying for you. Spending time with you.
Talking to you.

But that's only for a short while 

As they leave, you wilt in your smile 
They say goodbye. You say thank you.

Your heart dims, for you know
You're left alone again.
With the angels,
with your fellow dead neighbours.

And that must've been how the dead feels
Alone in their grave
Without the thoughts
From the people
They thought they cared.

(Written during the time I was warded for dengue)

Sabtu, Mei 14, 2016


Malam ini, seperti biasa,
aku bekerja.

Dan aku berharap kau akan telefon

         Paling tidak, chat.

                       Dekat Whatsapp.

                  Atau FB,

                                   paling tidak.

             AKU RINDU KAU.

                      Tahu tak?