Rabu, Januari 04, 2012

i may be a bad decision maker, but i have my reasons.

i have decided to leave my job. not only the company i'm working in, but also my job. because i don't think i can go any more further with it. I've suffered enough depressions to go on.

sure there are supporters and also those who'd say "are you nuts?? have you got a new job bla bla bla.." but i'd say, it's my decision, i know what i'm doing even if it doesn't seem like i do. but i need to get out. i can't bear the pain of having to face depression after another everyday. unless they want to see me finally do something drastically and obviously stupid.

some non-supporters have no idea and some them know what i'm going through and yet, they still ask me to reconsider everything. i just can't. money is important but my mental & emotional health is my concern now.