Sabtu, November 06, 2010

stalker or what?

yesterday i received an email from a reader, or maybe the reader's mother asking about some things from the previous, previous issues of the magazine that i'm in charge now, but not then. i answered her, nicely and professionally.

and today, to my surprise, she requested for a friendship on my facebook. it amazed me because, i don't know how the hell that she found mine, or how did she know that it's me? seriously, it's kinda freaky when someone (customer/client) ask you something about anything regarding the product, and then had the effort to search for you all over the internet and ask for a friendship online.

freaky. i don't know whether to approve or ignore. i don't really know what to do.

2 ulasan:

  1. dia buat background check kot....nak tgk valid tak operation tu...

  2. buat le..aku tak letak nama kompeni pon dlm info aku....