Selasa, Disember 15, 2009

dear daddy..

i am sorry for being such a bad kid. i tried hard to make you proud, but when i failed, i blamed you.

dad, i know how much you have done for me. and how you have been so patient to deal with me. but it's too bad when i can't be as patient as you, that i've been harsh to you.

dear dad, i don't mean to be like that. it's just that i can't stand when people don't understand. but deep in my heart, i know i love you very much, more than everything in the world, that i would die to defend you from any harm, but i don't know why the harms come from me.

dear dad, i'm sorry you have this bitch for a daughter. but please know that, you are the best father, the best man i have ever met in my life. for this i promise that, if there were no other man who came in my life that can treat you right, i swear i will never be with him.

daddy, i know i'm not a good kid, but i do love you. i really do love you. if i had all the money in the world, i would give everything you ask for.

i L.O.V.E you.

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